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2022-01-16 Memories of Another Country That is No More

 I've been working on another way to digitize my old negatives. 20 years ago, I was using a Nikon Coolscan. Looking at those files now, they're ok I guess. Better than nothing. I have an Epson V750, but especially for 35mm, those scans suck. I have access to a drum scanner, but those scans take so much time and work. In any case, I've come up with a method that I'm happy with. This isn't my technical blog, so I'm just gonna show you a few images from Czechoslovakia. Now that country was separated in the "velvet divorce," one of the few country split ups that was peaceful and civil. Back in 1991 when I first visited, Czechoslovakia had recently moved from a planned "socialist" economy towards a western style more capitalist democracy. Prague was a gritty, gray, yet beautiful city mostly visited only by foreigners from the East Block.  Czech out the gallery (isn't that punny?!) here . As always, words and pictures are copyright ©Michael Hal

2022-01-15 Mountain View Cemetery

 Yesterday, I was itching to get out and do something interesting. For one I wanted to shoot large format and test out some techniques and ideas (more to come, perhaps?)  I went out with my 8x10" Toyo monorail, all my film holders loaded with very outdated film and headed out. But I also brought my Sony kit for digitals.  Right now I have some digital files to share. I developed four sheets of 8x10 yesterday and may go in and scan those and develop another four. For those not familiar with large format photography, it takes alot of time, money and patience. And I'm limited in all those areas.  In any case, if you are into this kind of thing, check out the gallery here . As always, all words and images are copyright ©Michael Halberstadt